Past Activities

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Compression in Chronic Oedema G.MOSTI, H.PARTSCH Joint meeting with the ILF
June 7-8, 2018
           in print
Compliance of compression stockings
and other technologic innovations
J.P.BENIGNI, G.MOSTI Joint meeting with the French Society of Phlobology
December 9, 2017
           in print
Compliance in compression therapy


Joint meeting with SFMV  Interface Group on compression
Oct 7, 2016
Lyon France
Innovations in comoression therapy


Joint meeing wihth WUWHS
Florence, Italy
Veins and Lymphatics
Cinderella Indications for compression


Joint meeting with AIUC
Sept 27, 2015
Bari, Italy
Veins and Lymphatics 2016
Compression in wound healing


Joint meeting with EWMA
May 14, 2015
EWMA Journal
Patient orientated compression


May13, 2014
In preparation
Classification of compression stockings


May 17, 2013
Int Angiol. 2016 Apr;35(2):122-8
Intermittent pneumatic compression and
innovative inelastic devices


Sept. 8, 2013
Boston, USA
JVS Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 2/2014:469-76

Stiffness of compression devices


G. MOSTI, H. PARTSCH May 25, 2012
Veins and Lymphatics 2013,1

Dogmas in compression therapy


M. FLOUR, H. PARTSCH May 27, 2011
Int Wound J

Compression therapy in chronic oedema of the lower extremities


N. STOUT, H. PARTSCH March 26, 2010
Int Angiology

Compression therapy in breast cancer related lymphoedema (BCRL).


H.PARTSCH, N.STOUT June 13, 2009,
Int Angiology 2010;29:442-53
Effects of compression therapy, experimental proof


Sept 13, 2008, Lucca

Int Angiology
2010; 29: October issue

Indications for compression therapy


May 19, 2007, Vienna
Nov 24, 2007, Paris

Int Angiol 2008;27:193-219

Classification of compression bandages


Oct 4, 2006, Rostock

Dermatol Surg 2008;34:600-09

Guidelines for testing compression material



Sept 17, 2005, Cologne

EJVES 2008 ;35 :494-500

Education and publicity


JP.BENIGNI June 3, 2005, Maastricht Phlébologie 2006;59:179-86
Interface pressure and stiffness measurement in vivo H.PARTSCH, M.CLARK Jan 27-29, 2005, Vienna Dermatol Surg, 2006;32:224-33

Past meetings

ICC Compression School 2019

October 11, 2019 in Recife/Brazil

Final program

The hands-on trainig was kindly supported by:






ICC annual meeting 2019

June 7, 2019 in Gothenburg/Sweden
8.30 - 17.30

Compression pressure

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Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:


Compression bandages´ interface pressure methods-
assessment of two prediction -methods                           
Ferdinand Tamoué/D

What can be said, using mathematical modelling,
about the internal pressure distribution in a leg
given a surface pressure?                                  
Torbjörn Lundh/S

Comparison of compression values of MCS achieved by  
in vivo versus in vitro measurements                  
Hans-Jürgen Thomä/D
The measurement of interface pressure applied
by sports compression garments:
a comparative study of two portable devices                 
Chris Mac Manus/UK

Influence of different compression pressures on
lymphatic drainage                           
Waldemar Olszewski/PL



Compression reduces venous diameters:
Duplex and MRI findings                              
Bernhard Partsch/A

Compression paradox                            
Jean Patrick Benigni/F

Invited commentary                                            
Didier Rastel/F

Functional findings:

Assessment by APG                          
Christopher Lattimer/UK

Ejection fraction of calf pump assessed
by strain gauge plethysmography                                
Giovanni Mosti/I


Sustained compression: fact or fiction?                               
Jan Schuren/NL

Compression therapy in patients with
peripheral arterial occlusive disease –
review and new interface compression data                            
Stefan Eder/D

The use of light and strong compression in a
standard population: impact on healing and
implications for practice                                 
Alison Hopkins/UK

Hydromechanics of Tissue Edema Fluid
under Compression Bandages                      
Marzena T Zaleska /PL

Interface pressures with compression:
what does this mean to and for the patient?             
Jeannette Muldoon/UK


Novel Garment Heralds the Emergence of a new
“Stiffer Circular Knit” Compression Category       
Suzie Ehmann, Robin Bjork/USA

Compression performance in healthy sitting,
standing walking subjects                                  
Sergio Gianesini/I

Experimental data to understand low
compression pressure effects; skin imprints                           
Didier Rastel/F
Pressure under water                                   
Giovanni Mosti/I

Working Groups

Report of Working Group IPC                     
Michael Klöppels/D

Working Group BANDAGES

Distribution and measurement of forces in a compressed leg          
Jan Schuren/NL     
Development of a pressure sensing for use in compression
therapy of venous leg ulcers                              
Andrew Cameron/IRL                     


Presentation and objectives of the working group            
Jean Patrick Benigni/F

Review of the published data
Giovanni Mosti/I
Venous leg ulcers – Variations in Adjustable

Compression Wrap Devices                                           
Knut Kröger/D

Do we need a standardization for ACW

Didier Rastel /F                                                   


ICC Compression School 2019

Januar 20, 2019 in Hyderabad / India

Final program

The hands-on trainig is kindly supported by:


ICC Meeting Rotterdam

Compression in Chronic Oedema

June 7-8, 2018
Chronic edema and compression

Thursday, June 7
Measuring methods

Standardization of a pressure-measuring device for optimizing lymphedema
treatment with compression garments

Effect of subcutaneous pressure on interface pressure measurement
during compression therapy

Monitoring of edema treatment by electronic device

Combining IPC with static compression treatment to improve
patient’s compliance using innovative smart materials

Good bye slippage – a new fusion to tackle bandage slippage on the foot
A.Nilsson, J.Damm

A new sub bandage measuring device

How to measure pressure?

Friday, June 8

Epidemiology of chronic edema
C. Moffat

Edema is more than excess of fluid
W. Olzewski

Every kind of edema is lymphedema

Contraindication and special precaution for compression in chronic edema

Compression materials in chronic edema

Self management in lymphedema
R. Damstra

What compression pressure to treat edema

Importance of stiffness for edema reduction

Compression pressure effect on lymphatics

Optimal intermittent pneumatic compression in lymphedema
M. Zaleska

Compression in chronic edema - The orthopedic aspect of the venous system

Prophylactic compression after breast cancer surgery

Comparison of handling, pressure and wearing comfort of different
compression devices for decongestion therapy

Treatment protocol on stasis edema in poorly mobile nursing home patients

Which compression for mild to moderate C3 patients ?

Compression to reduce edema in a patient with arterial occlusive disease


ICC Meeting Paris 

Compliance of compression stockings
and other technologic innovations

Back to back with the French Society Phlobology
December 9, 2017

Download Final Program

Hydromechanics of edema fluid in limbs under elastic material compression- methods of evaluation
Waldemar Olszewski, Marzanna T Zaleska, Poland
Patient Compression Compliance: Winning the Battle
Terri Morrison, USA
Update on Innovation and Compliance Measurement in Compression Therapy
Willy Chi, USA
Keys to enhance patients' adherence to compression stockings
Joseph Harfouche, Belgium
Alternatives to hosiery (a new approach to stimulating blood flow without hosiery)
Michael Clark, UK
Chronic Venous Edema Reduction by Medical Compression stockings
André Cornu-Thenard, France
Game Over to Leg Failure: an innovative way to promote public venous & compression awareness
Sergio Gianesini, Italy
3D scanning of the leg to provide better fit, and easier application of compression hosiery
Michael Clark, UK
User goals-based approach to identify and prioritise the underlying drivers of lack of concordance with compression hosiery use.
Jerry Hutchinson, UK
Medical compression stockings containing emolients prevent dermal exsiccation – results of randomized controlled trials
Michael Jünger, Germany
A new stocking compression system with a low well defined resting pressure and high working pressure
Andreas Nilsson, Sweden
Novel Heterogeneous Stiffness for Dynamic Compression Reconstruction
Rong Liu, Hong Kong
Activities and effects of qualification system of elastic compression stocking conductor of Japanese Society of Phlebology
Mo Makoto, Japan
Are open-toe antithromboembolic compression stockings safe?
Didier Rastel, France
Compression stockings after DVT: where is the evidence?
Jan Schuren, Netherlands
Compression stockings after DVT: where is the evidence?
Jan Schuren, Netherlands
Thonic bandage: a new application technique as a first step towards « controlled » compression?
Pierre Gonon, France
How to improve compliance for medical compression stockings?
Thomas Stumptner, Germany
Comparison of MCS Class 1 & 2 regarding easiness in donning - results of a eurocom-study
Julia Götz, Germany
Pressotherapy with adjustable high pressure gradient
Claude-Julien Cartier, France
External « tumescence » with standardized eccentric compression. Reduction by 70% of varicose volume : a new device
Vincent Crebassa, France


Annual ICC Meeting
Oedema and Compression

May 5, 2017 in Amsterdam
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EWMA in Amsterdam:

Download final program

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

Chronic edema and lymphedema. The same?
Robert Damstra (NL)

Epidemiology-:Swollen legs, a new epidemic
Christine Moffatt (UK)

Subfascial oedema
Thomas Stumptner (Germany), Hugo Partsch (Austria)

Hydromechanics and ICG imaging of edema fluid flow in edematous tissues
Waldemar Olszewski (Poland)


Edema reduction visualized by ultrasound
Monika Gniadecka (Denmark)

New observations on visualization of movements and hydromechanics of tissue fluid in lymphedema during MLD, Linforoll massaging, IPC and bandaging
Marzanna Zaleska (Poland)

Stockings vs velcro devices in chronic edema
Giovanni Mosti (Italy)

Reduction of volume of a stasis edema: stiff compression or not stiff compression?
Jean Patrick Benigni, Jean-François Uhl, Florence Balet, Pascal Filori (France)

C3 & Superimposed MCS
André Cornu-Thenard (France)

Bandages s Velcro devices in lymphedema
Robert Damstra (The Netherlands)


Compression therapy in lipedema
Gyozo Szolnoky (Hungary)

Edema and its impact on functional mobility /function in general
Suzie Ehmann (USA)

New aspects of MLD
Lisbeth Vandermeeren (Belgium)

Which patients should receive MLD?
Nele Devoogdt (Belgium)

Prevention of BCRL after surgery
Katarzyna Ochalek (Poland)

Compression bra for dealing with breast edema
Nick Gebruers (Belgium)

Working Group Meetings
on May 5, 2017

Working Group IPC program

Working Group Compression Stockings program

How to improve compliance of medical compression stockings ?
Other innovations
ICC session of compression stockings group
May 5, 2017

Reasons for non compliance
Suzie Ehmann, USA

Compliance of compression stockings in Indian patients
RavulJindal, India

The smart medical stockings: an objective compliance monitoring.
F. Cros,France

Compression stocking materials and
K. Kröger, Germany

Improve coherence in patients to wear their garments
Robert Damstra, Netherlands

How to improve compliance of medical
compression stockings
The Japanese approach
Makoto Mo, Japan

Working Group Bandages program


ICC session at EWMA congress

May 4, 2017 in Amsterdam
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ICC session at EVC
March 5 and 6, 2017 in Maastricht

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ICC annual meeting in Florence/Italy
Sept 25, 2016

Innovations in compression therapy

Download final program

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

Compression evaluated anno 2016                            
C. Wittens, Netherlands

Practical consequences of stiffness in treating venous diseases        
M. Neumann, Netherlands

Shape Memory Textiles for Functional Compression Management
B. Kumar, India

Innovations in compression based on interface pressure measurement:               
J. Hutchinson, UK

A new compression pressure measuring device:                               
W. Chi, USA

Thonic bandage, bridging a gap for self-bandaging and homecare
P. Gonon, France

Film compression bandage
JC. Ragg, Germany

An innovative compression system providing low, sustained resting pressure and high, efficient working pressure
J. Damm, T.Lundh, Sweden

Connected bandages: which could be the added value in lymphedema treatment
JP.Belgrado, JB Valsamis, S.Vankerckhove, L.Vandermeeren, Belgium

SMART wearable compression technology geared to improve circulation and muscle recovery
Polina Feldman, USA

A Compression Kit of a Stocking and Three Superimposed Leggings Is Easy to Don and Dose Adjustable
J.Hafner, C.Luder, M.Hübner, Switzerland

The PeriKit: an innovative portable device with hi level of accuracy and reliability in taking circumferential limb measurements
J.Harfouche, Belgium

Novel forms of compression
K. Harding, UK

Comparison of below knee with above knee stockings for the prevention of leg volume increase and symptoms that occur during prolonged standing
W. Blättler, HJ.Thomae, F.Amsler, Switzerland

Compression Therapy In Everyday Life: Let The Patients Have The Floor
P.Carpentier, France

Compression stockings with interface pressure fall and  rise from the ankle to the mid calf: clinical efficacy and hemodynamic effects in healthy volunteers and in patients with chronic venous insufficiency
M. Jünger, Wolfgang Konschake, Hermann Haase, Helene Riebe, Germany    

Control of Lower Extremity Edema in Persons with Diabetes: Double-Blind Randomized Controlled    Trial Assessing Safety and Efficacy of Mild Compression Diabetic Socks  
St.Wu, USA

Improving compliance of compression stockings by sending SMS to patients: results of a randomized controlled study
JP.Benigni, JF Uhl, Dr Maxime Chahim, France

Hysteresis in MCS, Interest and pratical Implications            
A Cornu-Thénard, France

Biomechanical study of pressure applied on the lower leg by elastic compression bandages  
Fanette Chassagne ,P Badel ,R. Convert , P. Giraux , J Molimard , France

Adjustable Velcro devices
J. Caprini, USA

Compression with a non-elastic Velcro compression device in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty
A.Hendrickx, Netherlands

Needing more: the case for extra high compression for tall men in leg ulcer management
A.Hopkins, F.Worboys, RH.Bull, UK

How can near-infrared ICG fluorescence imaging optimize compression therapy?
Sarah Thomis, Belgium

Medical interest of 3D reconstructed limb to build  a custom multi-layer bandage for the treatment of a lower  limb lymphedema with partially amputated calf. Case report   
F.Pastouret, Belgium

ICC Compression Questionnaire: An update
Nele Devoogdt, Belgium

ICC - Internation Compression Choir


ICC Session in Bremen/Germany
May 11, 2015

Compression therapy: complications and

embedded in EWMA 2016 in Bremen/Germany

Conference dates 11-13 May 2016
Download program

ICC Educational Meeting in Maastricht/Netherlands
March 6-8, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016 supported by Lohmann&Rauscher and
Monday, March 7, 2016 supported by medi
14h00 - 17h00, both days with hands-on-training
Download Final Program
At the 20th European Vascular Course
March 6-8, 2016
Maastricht, Netherlands

ICC annual meeting in Bari/Italy
Oct 9, 2015

Cinderella indications for compression

The presentations from the ICC conference in Bari; September 2015
are published in Veins and Lymphatics 2016, Vol.5, Nr 1:

Download Program

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

G. Mosti, Italy
Compression in mixed ulcers

R.Jelnes, Denmark
Compression after trauma

H. Brorson, Sweden
Role of compression before and after liposuction

H. Partsch, Austria
Compression and Deep vein thrombosis

JP. Benigni, France
Compression and Sport

Dean Bender, USA
Compression in Restless legs

ICC Session in London/UK
May 14, 2015

embedded in the 25th Conference of the European Wound Management Association

May 13 – 15, 2015 at the Excel, London

Program for download

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

Materials, pressure and stiffness J.SCHUREN
Elastic stockings or inelastic bandages for ulcer treatment G.MOSTI
Tricks to increase local pressure A.HOPKINS
Compression in concomitant arterial occlusive disease H.PARTSCH
Ready made compression stockings. Do they fit? F.GOTTRUP

Self management with compression J.CAPRINI
Patients’ concordance with compression therapy C.MOFFATT
Checking compliance of compression stockings JP.BENIGNI, JF.UHL
Patients acceptance of compression- A questionnaire N.DEVOOGDT
Dogmas revisited M.FLOUR
The benefits of a deep clean and effective compression S. ELVIN


ICC annual meeting in Maastricht/Netherlands
May 13, 2014

Patient orientated compression

back to back with the European Vascular Course 
organized by Cees Wittens

Final Program

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

Christine Moffatt, UK QOL and compression therapy
Nele Devoogdt, BE International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and compression
Hafner Jurg, Lessons learned from a Swiss stocking study
Paper accepted for publication in the EJVES
J.P Benigni, F Criteria for non-compliance of MCS
R. Damstra, NL ICF orientated clinimetrics for compression trials in lymphoedema

Els Brouwer, NL Self-management in compression from different perspectives; the professional and the patient
J. Schuren, NL The effectiveness of comfort
M. Kloeppels, D Comparison of compression devices from the perspective of a bandage producer
M. Chauveau, G. Thiney, F Cros, F Donning of graduated compression stockings: Complex process but easy assessment?

G. Mosti, I Proposals for a patients questionnaire to assess patients acceptance of compression devices

ICC annual meeting in Boston/USA
Sept 8, 2013

Intermittent pneumatic compression / Innovative inelastic compression

Final Program

Sept 8, 2013 Boston, USA
Sheraton Boston, 39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA 02199
Back to back with the IUP World Meeting on Phlebology Sept 8-13, 2013 

Report from the 2013 ICC meeting in Boston

ICC annual meeting in Copenhagen/Denmark
May 17, 2013

Classification of compression stockings

Back to back with the 23rd conference of the European Wound  Management Association
See publication:

Download Final Programme
Download: RAL-Statement (Uwe Schettler) (submitted before the meeting, not presented)

Contributions at the meeting as kindly sent in by the presenters:

M.Neumann: Classification experiences with the CEN group
G. Mosti: Pressure of Compression Stockings matters
A.Cornu-Thénard: Classes of Compression Stockings. International ReviewExplanations
T.Morrison: American classification
H. Partsch: Proposals for an International Classification
M.Jünger: Fibres and constituents of stockings
U. Meyer, medi: Change of classification: pro and con
R. Bot, Varitex: Change of classification: con and pro
M. Abel, Lohmann&Rauscher: Classification for elastic tubes and medical socks
J.Bauer, BSN: Double stockings (kits)
M.Neumann: Clinical importance of stiffness
F. Girmond, Hohenstein: How is pressure and stiffness measured in the Hohenstein laboratory (RAL)
B. Lun, Sigvaris France: Stiffness index and product construction
H.J.Thomä: Ranges of stiffness

ICC annual meeting in Vienna/Austria
May 25, 2012

Stiffness of Compression Devices

Back to back with the EWMA conference, 23-25 May, 2012
EWMA 2012

Download Publication in Veins and Lymphatics
Download Final Programme

ICC Seminar in Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest
Oct 11-13, 2011

Leg Ulcer & Compression Seminar

Final Program

Conference Report

in cooperation with EWMA

ICC annual meeting in Brussels/Belgium
May 27, 2011

Dogmas in Compression Therapy

ICC meeting back to back with the 21st Conference of the European Wound Managment Association (EWMA)

Final Program

Dogmas and controversies in compression therapy:

Report of an International Compression Club (ICC) meeting
Brussels, May 2011

Publication: Int Wound J 2013;10:516-26

ICC annual meeting in Brighton/UK
March 26, 2010

Compression therapy in chronic oedema of the lower limbs

ICC meeting in cooperation with the International Lymphoedema Framework (Christine Moffatt)

Publication: Int Angiology 2012,31:316-29

Union International de Phlebologie

World Congress in Monaco

Grimaldi Forum - Principality of Monaco, August 31st - September 4th, 2009

ICC annual meeting in Ponzano/Italy
June 12, 2009

New methods to evaluate compression therapy
Breast cancer related lymphoedema. New concepts of compression therapy.

Final Program: icc program 7 veneto 09

Publication: Int Angiology 2010;29:442-53

ICC annual meeting in Lucca/Italy
Sept 13, 2008

Experimental proof of compression treatment

List of Content

Publication: Int Angiology 2010; 29: October issue

ICC annual meeting in Paris/France
Nov 24, 2007

Description of Medical Compression Stockings
How to describe Medical Compression Stockings in Future Clinical Trials

Publication: Int Angiol 2008;27:193-219

ICC annual meeting in Vienna/Austria
May 19, 2007

Indications for Compression Therapy

ICC Compression School in Lucca/Italy
Oct 20-21, 2006

International Compression School

ICC annual meeting in Rostock/Germany
Oct 4, 2006

Classification of compession bandages
Publication: Dermatol Surg 2008;34:600-09

ICC Compression School in Lucca/Italy
May 26-27, 2006

International Compression School

ICC meeting in Mona Lani/Hawaii
Jan 19, 2006

Compression pressure adjusted to the indication

ICC joint meeting in Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
Oct 7, 2005

Joint Meeting with GIC (Grupo Internacional de Compression) at the World Meetingof the International Union of Phlebology

ICC annual meeting in Cologne/Germany
Sept 17, 2005

Testing of compression devices
Publication: EJVES 2008 ;35 :494-500

ICC annual meeting in Maastrich/Netherlands
June 3, 2005

Education and Publicity
Publication: Phlébologie 2006;59:179-86 

ICC annual meeting in Vienna/Austria
Jan 28-29, 2005

Compression Pressure and Stiffness

Publication: Dermatol Surg 2006;32:224-33

April 4, 2004 in Baden/Austria

Inaugural meeting


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